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dscn8355We have been researching, organizing, and guiding expeditions to exotic adventure destinations for over three decades, much longer than most travel companies, so our depth of experience, pre-trip support, leadership, and reputation is first-rate. Over the many years we have operated everything from complex mountaineering expeditions to the simplest hikes.

We love to provide references from past participants on our expeditions because their objective “word-of-mouth” advertising is by far the best. We avoid the high cost of flashy marketing and put more into the quality of our trips which results in great references. Quite simply, we deliver the best quality adventure holiday for your travel dollar.

Not only do we provide great value, we quite often have a higher level of service due to our smaller size and our ability to devote personal attention to you. Many of our scheduled group trips are led by an experienced western trip leader, as well as a local guide — a claim most companies can’t make. Whedscn8359n you join one of our trips it is time-efficient because you are taking advantage of our considerable experience cutting through the “bureaucratic jungles” of developing countries! You don’t waste precious days getting permits, flights, hotels, and cutting through red tape.

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  • This travel bug (that I can only trace back to you) is unrelenting! The more companies I travel with, the more impressed I continue to be with C. H. E. You set an unmatchable standard on every front. Keep up the great work!

    Cynthia Johnston, Vancouver, BC

    I had a wonderful time! I can’t even begin to describe it, but let me mention that Cordelia was great as was the Nepalese staff. I feel like I made some good friends, as well as had some amazing experiences. Back home, I wonder: was that Heaven? And were they angels?

    Maureen Lynch, L. A. , CA