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Our style of adventure travelling is an active, participatory type of experience usually involving hiking or some other kind of physical activity on many of the days. You do not have to be a marathon runner or a mountaineer to participate — you simply have to be the kind of person who enjoys walking, the outdoors, and the opportunity of cross-cultural contact in exotic lands. You never have to carry heavy loads on your back, as we have a full staff of porters, cooks, and guides to take care of the more mundane tasks associated with camping and help you make the most of your trip. We also provide almost all the major equipment you need (when camping) such as tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, dishes and cutlery. All you have to do is bring your personal gear.

We have designed our trips to include a variety of activities and excursions, with enough time in most places to avoid the “If it’s Tuesday, this must be Belgium” syndrome! Our adventures are special in that we always do something “off the beaten track”, such as take a little-trekked route, visit a villager’s home or a monastery or participate in a local festival. We encourage cross cultural contact so that participants can better understand the area being visited and its people.

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  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ve been on treks all over the world with different companies, and this is my 11th trek in Nepal, and the C. H. E. organization and staff are by far the best I’ve ever come across!

    Murray Snyder, Waterloo, ON

    Joe, With utmost gratitude for an introduction to the Himalayas affording lifelong memories and the highlights of a life.

    Chris Parfree, Kimberley ON